Thursday, November 18, 2010

As promised

Here is a pic of the Toasty Twisty scarf. It's made with Red Heart Soft Yarn in Teal. I am hoping you can see the pattern but, if not, you saw it in a previous post. I used size 8 needles. It measures 46" by 4 1/2" in the center and 7" on the ends. This will be going to Millie for one of her charities.
I am off the next 3 days. I have a date with the leaf blower tomorrow if it doesn't rain tonight. The wind took a lot of them and distributed them into my neighbors yard. Very thoughtful I thought. There is still plenty to pick up in both the front and back yards. The blower is also a vacuum so that I can mulch them down and put them in the bin so the yard waste recycle people can come and pick them up.
Have a great weekend!
Until next time...
Edit: After I posted this, I went and clicked on the pic and you can see the detail better that way.


SandieP said...

I clicked on the picture as suggested and it is just beautiful. I love the color and the stitches do show up well in the large pic. Nice job.

Sandy said...

LOVE the scarf such a pretty color and pattern. Always enjoy seeing your beautiful creations.

Hope you had a fun date with the leaf blower. We had all of ours done, but then the wind decided to give us bunches from our neighbors yard. So hubby's now taken care of those leaves twice....still some there as the tree continues to drop, today though they are covered with snow and icky rain.

Making my blog rounds today from Sandy's Space to see what folks are up to and to say hi.