Saturday, December 4, 2010

I'm a clicker

I received an email from Lion Brand this morning as I usually do with patterns and stuff. When I see things that might interest me, I click. One thing lead to another and came across this. It's a web magazine. There is a headline Knitting for Charity. I always read about this when I come across it. For some reason I can't paste anything from the page or link.
There is a link in the article, If you follow that link, it will take you to another page. Caps for Good There is a lot of info there. It is through Save the Children but, because they don't have the storage space for a large amount of caps, they are being sent to the Doe Fund in New York until February, where they will be sent out.

We all have those little pieces of yarn left over. What to do with them? Some make little squares or whatever. These little caps don't take much yarn either. They mention using medium weight (4) yarn. There are 2 free patterns to use. One is knit, the other is a crochet pattern and both use about 1 oz of yarn.
I am all about helping people in this country, and I am doing that but, I just couldn't resist this.

In this season of giving, please think about maybe sending a cap or 2 for this worthy cause. It is only until February 11, 2011.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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SandieP said...

Bunny, I couldn't get the goodgoes FAQ to come up. Were you able to? What size hats are they asking for? Preemie or baby? Are the patterns in the FAQ?

Andrew said...

Hi Sandie!

Check out this link:

And then join GoodGoes on Facebook to get more info and pictures and events!


SandieP said...

Thank you, Andrew!

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