Saturday, July 23, 2011

Just got to thinking

My thoughts turned to the homeless this morning as I just got dressed under my ceiling fan trying to stay cool. We as crafters, are always knitting or crocheting hats, mittens, scarves for the winter to keep the homeless warm. As this is all well and good, how do we keep them cool in this brutal heat? We think of them during rain, snow, sleet, etc but, not sure what we can do for the people who really do not have an option to get out of the element's. Some have an option of a shelter to get at least got some relief. We make washcloths for hose who have an opportunity to take a shower and get cleaned up. What about those who don't? The story of a homeless is as different as there are people. Everyone has their own story. Some by choice, others not so much. My heart really goes out to these people. I think the thing that gt me to thinking is the fact that, your body can actually stop sweating. The thing of it is, your body is already at 103 or 104 and at that point, it's too late. Within 30 mins you'll be dead. It is so important to keep the body cool. The other thing I learned is that, if you do not have a/c and just a fan or whatever, as you sleep, your body will wake itself in order to sweat, keeping you cool.
I have an idea in mind but, the thing of it is, these personal fans are battery operated. If these people don't have money for food, how can they afford batteries for these little fans? Would these fans be enough anyway? Not so sure.

This problem is not only associated with the homeless. There are so many people that do not have the luxury of a/c, even though they live indoors. We that have a lot, take so much for granted. At least I know I do. We cry because the electricity goes out during a storm and then we find out how many things in our home are operated by electricity. A lot!

I do not have an answer for this problem. I wish I did. It just makes me feel sad. We all help the best we know how. We have helped so many already. The need is so great all over the country for one reason or another. We all do our part. Crafters have such big hearts, we are always looking for ways to help others.

Please pray for the less fortunate and please keep those needles, hooks and looms working and give to where your heart tells you. It will be appreciated and the rewards you reap will far out weigh what you give out.

Until next time...


Sandie said...

Bunny, during the summer soldiers are sent cool ties. These do not require electricity but are worn around the neck to help keep you cool. All you have to do to re-energize them is wet them. That might be an idea. I don't sew but for those who do it just takes a bit of material and some of the special thingies that go inside it. Here is a link . You can also purchase them already made. I don't remember if it is this site or another one but if you need the info I can check it out. Hope that helps.

Bunny said...

Thanks Sandie. I totally forgot about these. After I read your response, I went searching and think I found something.

Sandy said...

So true Bunny. I too have been thinking about them. Such extremes and no relief for them. Thanks for adding the link Sandie, sounds like a great idea. I'll get that link added to my blog as well. Good thinking Bunny and Sandie...such good team effort. Like Bunny says, crafters are such caring people.

dandelion said...

I am watching Down & Out In Beverly Hills & I was thinking about the homeless when I read this, how funny. We have the neck coolie things. I gave some to my dad for when he drove trucks for the local farmer-trucks had no air here it was 103 plus most days. inside the trucks higher they drove 7am-8,9pm needed the window open to hear what was being said as the machine picked the corn & dumped it in the trucks--coolies were all he had. Soldiers SHOULD ALL have these. Homeless would be good idea.

Bunny said...

I'm glad to know they work dandelion. I belong to Bridge and Beyond
I have sent them here to try them out. If they work out ok, I will send more.
I appreciate you stopping by and letting me know these work.