Sunday, July 24, 2011

Sunday's Update for YoP

I have had a change in plans on my list. When I finished the scarfette, I thought I would get the scarves done for the Special Olympics - Delaware. I started to knit one pattern, I didn't like it. I tried another knit pattern and didn't like that either. Sometimes you just have to put down the pointy sticks and pick up a hook.
I have been crocheting a lot longer than knitting and it is so much faster for me. I love the look of knit in a lot of things especially hats and mittens and I did knit a couple of scarves in the past but, not this time. I went to Crochet Pattern Central and found a terrific pattern. The problem is, they have specific guidelines that you have to stick to. 6" x 60" and specific yarn.

Instead of making the pattern on my list, I am now going to make Pretty One Skein Scarf. The only difference being, instead of making it all one color, I'm going to change colors every 5". It is a very quick and easy pattern. Just a V-Stitch. I started it last night.
As with knitting needles, I like using the bigger hooks but, to stay within the 6" wide guidelines I am using an "I" hook. I am spot on with that.
I do need to find another place to take my pics though. Either that or aim a little higher. LOL

That is it for me today. I am actually writing this early Saturday morning and posting this for Update Sunday. I am working Sunday so, this will be the best time for me to do it.

Hope your list is going well. This is really helping me stay focused on things. I like that.

Until next time...


Dorothy said...

Good old V stitch .. always looks great I think. I'm very much like you in that I'm happier with a hook in hand rather than needles. Your scarf is looking good.

Cris said...

I've had to swap out a pattern already too - same reason, the pattern just wasn't working as I thought it would although the item I made was the same item intended on my list.

I love your SO scarf. The V stitch is working up nicely!

Minding My Own Stitches said...

No point carrying on with something that's not working out for you, so I think you've done exactly the right thing - switch gears.

Nice to be able to switch back and forth between knit and crochet patterns!

Sandy said...

Can't go wrong with v stitch, always pretty, the blue and red together looks great too. I'm so happy to see you blogging more again and think this yop thing is a good force for us on several levels. Hugs

Kim said...

Nothing wrong with changing it up to what suits you! Personally, looking at a crochet pattern is like looking at Greek! :)
Have a great week and happy creating..

CraftyClare said...

I frequently switch between crochet and knitting - it keeps crafting fresh and inspiring. Enjoy your time with the hook xx

RugbyMad said...

I agree if you are not enjoying a pattern or a type of craft, then change it until you do! And as for where you take your photos, love the sneak look at your stash! So cool.

Bunny said...

Thank you all for stopping by and commenting. I tried to comment from my phone but, it seems I can comment on other blogs but, my own. Go figure. lol
I got out of crocheting for a while but, when it came time to do these scarves for the special olympics, it just seemed right and everything is working out as it sould. I like the fact I can switch off every know and then.
The sneak peek of my stash is only a partial of it. One day I will post what I have. I am doing good at destashing though.

dandelion said...

I know the feeling of crochet vs knitting. I have a project on knitting but it always gets bumped for crochet because I can crochet without thinking.. whatever you do it turns out lovely!!

mike_mistyv said...

I agree w/pps. I have a sweater on my list that i saw on someone IRL and it isn't going to suit me, so into the frog pond it goes.