Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I'm really glad that I joined this group. It's not about seeing how much you can get done in a year, it's doing something. Making a list of things you would like to make. It's posting about it on WIP Wednesday, it's posting about it on FO Friday and maybe Update Sunday. It has really given me a purpose for blogging any more. I like sharing what I make but, didn't always post about it.

I find visiting other blogs inspiring and finding patterns I wouldn't normally. The bad thing is I find patterns that I normally wouldn't. lol Patterns have a way of finding me. I don't look for new ones. Trust me! I don't need any more. lol  I'll find different hat patterns or scarf patterns and if I try it and like it, I continue. If not, I frog it and throw the pattern away. I have done this many times.

I follow a few blogs and love seeing everyone's project updates. There are some really talented people out there. Keep up the good work everyone, as I add one more project to my list. :)

Until next time...


Thinkin' Out Loud said...

Happens to me too. I have around 300 favorites on ravelry and a binder of printed patterns :) Maybe I'm just giving myself plenty of reasons for buying more yarn.

Cris said...

Oh - the patterns! hehehe I have added to my list too.... it happens :P

Bunny said...

New patterns = new yarn. Of course! Lol