Thursday, July 14, 2011

A new group

Well... to me it is at least. It's a Ravelry group called come blog-a-long. You can follow the link to check it out. Too much info to put here in a short amount of time. I have to get ready for work real soon. Basically, I am to make a list of projects I want to do. Every time I try to do something for myself, I never end up doing it. As you can see from previous posts, all the items I make go to charity. So!

The first thing on my list is from Knitting Pure and Simple. It's a Split Neck T Shirt for Women. I have a few sweater patterns that I had intended to make but, they are not working out to well. This seems easy enough. I have never made a sweater before so, this will be a challenge for me.

The 2nd project I would like to do is called Super Simple Sock Pattern. I have never made socks before either and found what they call an easy pattern. We'll see.

These are 2 of things I would like to accomplish for myself. If I come across anything else, I will list it here. There is no min/max amount of patterns you need to do. This is your list and your challenges. Plain and simple.

I also found WIP Wednesday and FO Friday. You can follow the links on the side bar.

Hope you have a great day.

Until next time...


Sandie said...

I have made ONE sock/slipper. And I have one baby sweater which is in my UFOs that I never finished. It really wouldn't take much to finish it. Maybe next week will be UFO week. :-) I am not too much into challenging. LOL I do like to try different patterns and put them in a scarf or square. Good luck with your challenges. I know you can do it!

Sandy said...

I so understand where you're coming from Bunny, and am loving the idea of this challenge myself, for pretty much the same reason you got into it. I think it will help us balance ourselves. I've said for years I wanted to learn to make socks, but now I've written it on my list...I've challenged myself to do it.

Happy you joined in my friend.