Friday, August 19, 2011

FO Friday

Seeing as I missed WIP Wednesday, I thought I would get them both in today. I took the tube sock on our trip to Connecticut last weekend and finished it Saturday morning. I didn't bring any other yarn so I had no choice but to cast on for the 2nd sock. The colors of the two look so different. I had 2 skeins. Both with the same lot number. I guess they just got wound up different. Well.. they are socks.

This is my new toy that arrived today. I have been wanting a swift and ball winder for the longest time. I just didn't know what to get. The ball winder is a jumbo one and can wind skeins up to 8 oz. A lot of the ones I found only held up to 4 oz. So 2 of the balls on the table I had wound by hand and redid. The 3rd one, I had to use the swift. OMG! It is the best thing since sliced bread.

I am going to get off as we are getting a bad thunder storm and not sure if we'll lose electricity or not. Sometimes we do.. sometimes we don't. One never knows.
Until next time...


sparkeespud said...

Awesome on getting a swift and ballwinder! I have a question what brand is your winder and did it come with instructions? I got one just like that in a sale, but havent been able to find out anymore information on it.

Bunny said...

It is a U-NITT Jumbo ball winder sold by Skyrider Trading, LLC through There were directions to it which were very easy to follow.

Sandie said...

I also have one with no instructions. If I'd known you wanted one, I'd have sent it to you. I've never used it. Maybe I'll pull it out now and see if I can figure it out. LOL

Anonymous said...

The pearl bracelet is adorable! I would love to

have my pearl necklace wear that. I love the jewelry set, really wish we sent for it since it's sooo cute!

freshwater pearl bracelet we bought about 1.5 months in advance since she probably won't grow too much in that time period.