Monday, April 13, 2015

A most gorgeous day

This is my first of two days off and it is just gorgeous! The windows are wide open airing out the house. It is a bit breezy but, not too bad. After such a long winter, its nice to be able to enjoy some warm sunshine for a change. Tomorrow it's suppose to rain so, will take advantage of today.

I picked up ready made pizza crusts and made one mushroom, spinach and cheese pizza and one sausage, spinach, mushroom and cheese pizza. Both came out really well but, will add more cheese in the future. After it melted you could hardly tell it was there.

I am about to finish knitting a hat for Bridge and Beyond. It's very relaxing sitting and knitting. Especially after working a 3 day weekend.

Until next time...


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Sandy said...

So agree about it finally being Spring and how welcoming that is. It seemed like it took forever this year. Somehow with year I age it seems longer, lol.

Excited you're knitting for Bridge and Beyond!