Thursday, April 9, 2015

A-Z challenge

    There is an A_Z Challenge going on but, I am not doing that. I think it's a neat idea an all but, to have the time to come up with something for that letter of the alphabet, I just don't have that. Today is the letter H. The first thing that comes to mind is hats. Most people like hats. Either as a fashion statement or just to keep warm in the winter months. The homeless need hats as a way of staying warm. A lot of heat escapes through your head and if they can at least keep their head covered, it helps in some small way.
Please visit the Bridge and Beyond. There is a great post about hobos. Those from years past hopping trains and going from town to town to todays homeless. There are a lot of good people out there doing their best to help. Remember... the Power Of One! If we all do a little, in the end we all do a lot.

Have a Blessed day!
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Sandy said...

Right you are, the power of one translates to in the end we do alot! It's magical to me.