Wednesday, August 15, 2007

No title for today...

It is so cool and humidity free that it's a wonderful morning! Air conditioning is off and windows and doors are wide open. Always a good thing!

The shawl I am working on for the bone marrow transplant recipients is coming along nicely. The V-Stitch pattern is so easy and somewhat mindless to do. I should have no problem finishing it by Sept 15th.

I am also trailblazing one of Sandie's patterns. So far it is working up nicely. It's a heart pattern. I have not worked one of these before and wonder why not now? lol Anyway...I'll post a pic of it when it is finished. I am using 2 strands of Vanna's Choice yarn in pink but, am thinking about using a single strand. It is using up too much yarn this way. I have almost used 2 skeins already, and just finished row 20. If it was RH Super Saver I wouldn't care. I think there is twice as much yarn in one of those skeins. I also think with using a single strand, it will drape better.

We were suppose to be having Shrimp Scampi yesterday but ended up having meatloaf with Birdseye Steamed mixed veggies and Lipton Pasta Sides. Pathmark had the pasta sides on special. $1.00 each so I got 6 of them. They go so good with pork chops or meatloaf or just about any meat. Plus its easy, and easy is always good. I have not made up my mind about today yet. Of course decision making like this has you going to the grocery store every day but, that's ok. :o)

Until next time...

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Anonymous said...

Dinner sounds great. We are having meatloaf today, funny. I know how beautiful your work is first hand so I know these shawls will be lovely