Wednesday, April 30, 2008

You just can't make this stuff up

This morning started out like any other day. Alarm going off at 4 am, bathroom run, getting coffee and sitting at the computer getting email and playing games. Little did I know that this morning was going to be far from usual. It got to be 4:40 and thought to myself I better get a move on. When I am just about done with my coffee, I set the cup on the corner of my laptop. The norm would be to finish the little bit and get up and go shower. This morning..I spilled what little coffee was left all over the laptop. I quickly grabbed a nearby towel and put the laptop on its side and started to wipe it up. Trying to get in between the keys. Oh! Did I forget to mention the fact that it automatically shut itself down? Yep it did! So...when I saw the towel thing wasn't working, my quick thinking went to blowing the liquid out. Of course! But with what? I don't buy canned air or anything like that. My thought immediately went to the hair dryer. yeah! That will work! I guess it did a little but, when I looked at the top, the enter key looked a little funny. Like it was stuck or something. come on! it wasn't stuck! I melted the keys with the dryer! Yep! I fried the keyboard. All this happened in a matter of about 5 mins. It was now going on quarter of 5 and knew I really had to get going then. Pets to feed, hair to dry, breakfast to get, pets to let out, lunch to make, let pets back in, finish doing my hair and brush my teeth by 5:40am.
With everything that went on...I left the house at 5:41am. Not bad all things considering. I left the laptop on the kitchen sink with a note. " There's a :o( story". Doug and Rachel actually figured out the coffee bit, and thought it was hot due to the melting of the keys. Never in their wildest imaginations did they actually think of the hair dryer. LOL

I actually did them a favor. they have been asking me what i want for Mother's Day. I always say nothing because I really don't NEED anything. So, when I got home and told my story and receiving a strange look when I got to the hair dryer part, I told them about the mother's Day gift. Their eyes lit up and said yes! Happy Mother's Day!

Doug, I think, talked me into getting a regular computer. This way if I want to upgrade it I can. We have had the laptop for 7 years and it served me well. I was very happy with it. Doug would send me links to computers and I never went to even look at them. Why would I? My laptop was just fine for what I wanted it for.

So until I get a new one, I will be using Dougs. At least with his, if I spill anything onit, I can just run to Staples and pick up a keyboard and not a whole computer. I doubt very highly I will be doing that again any time soon. He is going to try and retrieve the info I had on the hard drive. They have something special that he can use to do that with. I forget what they call it now.

I loved the Gateway computer and I hope Doug lets me get another one. Not one bit of trouble with it.

The price of a cup of Folgers coffee: $1.25
A price of a new computer: $600.00
The look your husband gives you after you tell him you used the hair dryer to blow out the computer: priceless

This morning, my boss Steve wanted to get everyone a breakfast sandwich. He wrote down what everyone wanted and called in the order. I wanted a sausage eagg and cheese on toast and he did also. The other 2 guys wanted bacon egg and cheese. When he got back from picking up the order, he passed the sandwiches out and then said he had gotten scrapple by mistake. he asked me if mine was sausage and when I checked mine, they made mine with scrapple also. I have never had scrapple in my whole life..until today. It was not bad! I guess it's a big thing down here. Just about everyone you talk to has their own way of fixing. Some like ketchup, somme like syrup, some just like it plain. so today was to be the day I got introduced to scrapple. By mistake no less. lol I told him I would order it again. I tried a little corner of it plain and it was really not that bad.

Will keep you all updated on the computer.

Until next time...


Sandie said...

Oh bad luck! But 7 years is a good age for a computer. Time for a new one. Todd just got a new one and his old was 5 years. Mine is only 2 but I've already had to restore it once. Guess you never know. Sounds like you had good success with yours. Enjoy your MD gift!

Scarlet's Yarn Barn said...

Welcome back Bunny. I have missed you. Sorry to hear about your computer trouble but it was time to get a new puter. Everything happens for a reason.

Never heard of scrapple before. Weird name.

Take care and enjoy your new deserve it!!