Monday, June 22, 2009

New Brady pic

Roger is REALLY starting early with all of this Red Sox stuff. lol I can't believe Brady is 2 weeks old already! I mentioned something about brain washing and he said he wasn't. Brain washing is Amanda trying to get him to be a Patriots fan. SIGH! Notice the red, white and blue shirt. You gotta love it! Also, notice whose pic is bigger. This is going to be interesting! LMAO I am not a sports fan so, I really don't care. I just like starting a lot stuff.

I sent the box to Debra at SUNY yesterday. I think I forgot about the post office lobby being open after hours. I was going to go Saturday but it rained so hard I didn't want to go out just to mail a box. I took it with me when Rachel and I went to get groceries and sure enough, I was able to go in. They have a machine to weigh packages and things that I use. It's so much faster than going inside to the counter.

I hope all of the fathers had a good day yesterday. Doug wanted hamburgs cooked on the grill with mac salad. So, Rachel and I made homemade mac salad, deviled eggs, onion rings and cooked up bacon for the burgers. YUM! It was cloudy all day until later on but, at least it didn't rain.

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